Performers!  Monday, June 25, 2012 Organizers: Jeff S & Pedro H
About Otto’s Shrunken Head
Otto’s Shrunken Head is proving to be a great venue for us. You may be familiar with Otto’s from Tony Bourdain’s TV show No Reservations on the Travel Channel. Otto’s is Alphabet City’s only tiki bar and rock and roll venue.You can expect amazing Hawaiian-esque drinks, a great beer selection and (my personal favorite) their award winning Bloody Marys.
Alabaster Rhumb You’ve seem him before at Draw-mania! Six. His intense, catchy, driving melodies and original songs that visit the depths of an artist’s soul seem almost incongruous with his delicate, sensitive singing style. Once heard, never forgotten.

Killy Mockstar Dwyer Killy Dwyer is a mock$tar comedic performance artist and musician. Most recently, Killy was named one of the "Top 10 Women Who Rock Comedy" by FunnyNotSlutty.com, starred in the feature film The Crab, successfully toured the west coast with her latest solo show Girl Balls, runs the hugely popular monthly surreal vaudeville show, Alter Ego – Vaudeville Surreal at Fontana’s Bar on the third Sunday of every month, performed on the main stage at Figment for the 3rd year in a row and was honored to be part of the first annual NY Funny Songs Festival. She is thrilled to be releasing Mock Bottom with her band KILL THE BAND in a full on one-of-a-kind, multimedia theatrical CD release experience on June 28th and 30th at Under St. Mark's Theater at 10pm as part of the Mini-Fridge Festival. www.KILLYTHEKID.com

Joe Yoga is a multiinstrumentalist, stage performer, novelist, found-noise archivist and visual artist from Times Square, NYC. His band Downward Dogs are releasing their debut album in August 2012.
http://www.mrjoeyoga.com/ for more information.

Mike Ogletree Take one very inquisitive, Scots-born, African/American and expose this soul to 25+ years of Scottish culture, collaborating with fellow Scottish artists such as Robert Burns and Simple Minds, arguably two of Scotland's most important creative forces ever; add nine years of life as an Italian celebrity working the venues and locales of that beautiful country; move him to Southern California where he put in 15 years as a sound engineer/musician, before relocating to New York City, the world's cultural melting pot, the perfect place to process his life experiences, channeling the art he believes it is his destiny to produce and you get what we call Anacoustic Mind aka Mike Ogletree: A multi-cultural synthesis of Scottish Soul, Poetry and Music.  http://www.immortalmemory.net

Eve Blackwater Once upon a time Eve was a proper school teacher and actually wore skirts that covered the essential areas. All was well and good, until a strange passion for the dark side kidnapped her and she ran away to become a fire swallower in the circus. And make horror movies. And there was also that odd bit when she did Shakespeare in the park, but that was particularly dark… Now Eve writes songs and bosses her band around. Watch out for the CD Stranger Danger, available July 28!

Jeff Sauber has been doing one sort of visual art or another for as long as he can remember. He applied his talents to the advertising and publishing fields for 20 years, in both creative and management arenas, before transitioning into the human potential field. He currently runs his own figure drawing group, The Summer Sketch Group (which meets all year long!), and occasionally teaches drawing, and is rumored to make spectacles around the city. He is a Life Member of The Art Student’s League.

Pedro Hernandez A lifelong artist from the Bronx, he studied art from an early age, and won a Cheesbrough Foundation summer scholarship to study fine arts. He went on to get his BFA from Parson’s School of Design. He works in the fashion accessory field as a designer for well known design firms, and developed products for major consumer brands, specializing in sportsbags and handbags, and also footwear for children. He’s had several shows of his paintings, most recently at Galeria de Gigantes in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and El Museo de Arte e Historia, Patillas, Puerto Rico.
He’s recently added a passion for teaching art to his credentials, and has taught to classes for adults as well as high school students.

Theresa Magario Though Theresa tm has been involved in art and performing and combinations thereof since moving to New York in 2005 from Massachusetts, she still feels somewhat shy to these scenes; having taken unusual and difficult roads to arrive at them. Theresa tm cut her teeth working with the visual artist, Michael Alan in his projects: Michael Alan's Draw-a-Thon Theater and The Living Installation. She has been and continues studying performance at CAVE.

David Modello a professional art/figure model, having worked with many distinguished artists, sculptors and photographers, as well as most art schools in the NYC area. I enjoy modeling and inspiring the creative process.
Recent performance art happenings that I have participated in include Michael Alan's Living Installation (originally Michael Alan's Draw-a-thon Theater); Olek's "Crocheted Grapefruit" project (2011); and Giustina Surbone's "Hungry Girlz" project (2011). I will be collaborating again with Giustina Surbone and a group of exceptional performers at the Flux Factory for the "Banquet for America" on February 12, 2012.

Eva Wright I have been modeling for most of my life. I'm born and raised in Iceland. I started modeling in my teens, but after moving to the U.S., it has become my career. Working for this many years has made modeling more than just a job, it's become part of who I am.
I look at modeling as a means of expression, something one develops, makes their own and is a very personal outlet for subtle ways to convey how I feel and who I am.
The pose tells the main story, but subtle details like placement and movement of hands, feet and eyes can completely change the mood and thus what happens.

Louisa Ashleigh Washed up on the shores of New Jersey as a mermaid, swam off at the age of fifteen, and surfaced on the bays of San Francisco, before being dazzled by the beaches of Venice (L.A.), and finally making it out to the real Island of Manhattan. She has modeled at the Art Students League, the National Academy of Design, Pratt Institute, the New York Studio School, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Lehman College, the New York Institute of Technology, Brooklyn College, the New York Art Institute, and others..
The truth is that she writes, draws, acts, and the modeling.. well, you can see it @

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